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Sunday, 9 February 2014


I think I am a glutton for punishment, but a community group I have just joined are doing Love Faith and Hope which as you can see is a McKenna Ryan.  Her version is using a specific batik range of fabrics but I will be using fabrics from my stash. So here is Block 6 prepared but not quilted yet. One can't rush these things.  I am actually picking up a new free motion quilting foot on Thursday so watch this space because once I get my new 'you beaut' foot there will be no stopping me. I should be able to work on my Sea Creatures blocks as well when the new foot arrives.  Mind you I haven't actually finalised the design for that one yet, but it will happen.  So there you have it, my latest project.


Maureen Clare said...


Béa said...

Very beautiful pattern, can't wait to see it sewn :)

Susan said...

Lovely - cant wait to see it.

Dawn said...

Love that particular design, good luck and can't wait to see it finished