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Friday, 14 February 2014

Bella Garden - Block Two

I have almost caught up with my Bella Garden's second block 'Wisteria'. I thought that by the amount of work and time it took me to do the first block, I would fall way behind with all the others, but the second block came together much quicker. I like to think it was because I knew what I was doing :)

Anyway here is the block so far......I can't do all the Wisteria flowers as some of them overhang onto the border pieces and I need to attach them before I can finish the applique. I will have to wait until Block 6 before I can start to assembly the whole quilt and there will be more applique to finish then.

Woops, I may have spoken to soon, these wisteria flowers are driving me crazy, the large part of the flower was fine, but the smaller round petals are very difficult to attach, I have had to resort to my free motion foot and do a circular motion around the edge about 3 times. It actually looks like fabric painting now. I'll keep at it and you can see the result soon.


Béa said...

WOW ! It's really wonderful .

Dawn said...

Thanks Bea, hope I can get to the end of it and it doesn't end up as a WIP forever