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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bella's Garden

Hello everyone,

Very excited to be a part of this group.  Unlike a few of you, I have only been quilting for 12 months but am already addicted to the colours and patterns and spend most nights in Pinterest and Blogland surfing for designs and patterns.

I came across McKenna Ryans quilt "Bella's Garden" and just loved it, so here I am.  No experience with raw edge applique and very little with free motion quilting but I am learning every day.

As I purchased Bella's Garden as a BOM kit, I initially thought I'd be able to complete one block before the next one arrives, but after seeing how much work is involved, I'm not so sure now.

Here's my first block fused together, now all I have to do is stitch!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress and reading some helpful hints along the way.
xxx Dawn  

Monday, 20 January 2014

Message to Dawn

Hi Dawn
I saw your comment that you would like to join in, as but as you are a No-reply blogger, I have no way to contact you.
Can you please comment again and include your email address.
or send me an email at:
oh2sew at bigpond dot net dot au

We would love to have you tag along with us on our McKenna journey.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Finish

Ok Girls I have done it...I have finished my first McKenna Ryan wall hanging....
Here she is...yep have a close look cause thats all your going to
 Oh Alright I will give you a closer look....but no more alright...
 Well maybe just a quick look, but then look away....
I have not seen - up close and personal - a McKenna Ryan finished project so I was not sure how much stitching I was suppose to I put some veins on the leaves....and yes I did choose a better stitched section of the wall hanging to show you....
I need, in future, to learn to control my hands, they have a mind of their own...I want the stitching to go one way and they were taking it in a totally different annoying...
Anyhow this group has definitely given me the push I have needed to pull my patterns out and give it a where is my other pattern....
Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress...catchya all next time...

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Start.

Hello everyone.
A late start but have been unwell and getting my home ready for friends coming,
the days have flown by.
I have a few of McKenna Ryan patterns so will start with 
`Wind in the Whiskers`.
This is a BOM FROM ` Grandmothers Garden Patchwork and Quilting`

Laundry Day.
I don`t know why it won`t turn! :(

I have made a start tracing pieces. More to trace before 
the next part of working out what fabrics have been given to use.
Once that is done I think I will be able to place 
on my applique pressing sheet over placement guide
and know what I am doing.

Laundry day pattern came with these fabrics,
the threads and clothes line kit.
I am loving the beautiful colours .

My patterns so far. I think there is only one more to come 
with borders and binding.
Thank you Susan for setting up this blog for us.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, 17 January 2014

I have a question...

I am trying to quilt my goat and have found out two things...
1.  I don't own enough different coloured threads...
2.  I totally suck at raw edge applique...
I have tried using my pogo stitch and that was a disaster and now I am trying my open toed foot which I have a lot more control (which I like) but I am not sure if this is the norm..
What do you use to quilt your blocks?
Does anyone have any tips besides plying oneself with alcohol so one does not care anymore...

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Progress feels like an appropriate name for this blog....I have had some luck with restoring some photos (the process to do this is unbelievably slow) - (wont go there)......anyhow I was able to put back a couple of my photos on my previous posts and I am able to put a photo that brings me to the other kind of progress...
January's progress.....I have finished putting together my top of the wall hanging...If I can get it quilted next month. I know I am giving myself a bit a time for this but life is very hectic at the moment and I will need to fix the photo issue I am having first...
I am glad I am with this group because this would still be sitting here waiting for me to get around to doing it and if I must say myself - I quite liked putting it together, lets hope quilting will be just as fun...
The pink you can see around the edge is the backing which is actually red so just ignore that colour...
Catch you all next time....

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


So Sorry girls, I thought I was doing a good thing by cleaning up space on my computer - I had photos saved in two places -Picasa and in a file under photos, so I thought I would get rid of the ones in Picasa and just keep the other file...well I did that and Picasa wiped the lot, which I have only just realised has removed all the photos from my blogs as well...
Hubby has thankfully put all the photos onto a portable hard drive so I will get him to put them back on my please be patient while I fix this.....

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ok I am here to - GIVE IT A GO

So where do I fit into this little on-line stitch know - that's a really good question...
I have just gone over the previous posts and am feeling a little out of my league...but I will have a go..
I spent the day before yesterday looking for the two patterns that I own...make a note here..they are wall hangings not quilts.  I have always admired the McKenna Ryan patterns and in my travels have purchased these two.  It took a little time to locate them...after thinking on it, I may have actually had these two for several years...Every now and then I would drag them out, look over them, toss them over in my head and then put them back with the idea that I needed to REALLY concentrate when doing them, wanted to make a good job of it...not be rushed and ruin them, but truly, it most likely
had something to do with no being familiar with raw edge applique...
So here I go...step 1.....find patterns - check
 Step 2...Buy some fabrics....I did own a couple but not this many... - check
Step 3.... Ponder over pattern to see how I want to tackle this.... - will need to get back to you on this..
I love what everyone else has done, the fabrics chosen, they are so pretty, inspiration is running around in my veins...
I have always looked at the Christmas quilts with envious eyes and you never know - this may be kick that I have needed to do that one...
Anyhow....I will catch you all when I done something more...