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Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Start.

Hello everyone.
A late start but have been unwell and getting my home ready for friends coming,
the days have flown by.
I have a few of McKenna Ryan patterns so will start with 
`Wind in the Whiskers`.
This is a BOM FROM ` Grandmothers Garden Patchwork and Quilting`

Laundry Day.
I don`t know why it won`t turn! :(

I have made a start tracing pieces. More to trace before 
the next part of working out what fabrics have been given to use.
Once that is done I think I will be able to place 
on my applique pressing sheet over placement guide
and know what I am doing.

Laundry day pattern came with these fabrics,
the threads and clothes line kit.
I am loving the beautiful colours .

My patterns so far. I think there is only one more to come 
with borders and binding.
Thank you Susan for setting up this blog for us.
Happy Stitching,


Sandi said...

Looks lovely, I think next time I will get a kit too, so my threads will match, seems like a good way to go...cant wait to see it done..

Susan said...

Welcome aboard Clare. A kit does sound handy..I guess you wont have to spend as much time working out what fabric to use where...though that can be a fun part of it.
There is no timetable here, so if you make a late start thats fine - we all have outside lives as well and sometimes plans go astray!

Maureen Clare said...

Clare that is going to be so pretty. I can't wait to see your progress as you get each block organised. :-)

Béa said...

I love a lot this design. My own BOM have a similar laundry line in the center.