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Monday 21 September 2015

Bella Garden (Almost finished)

My McKenna Ryan quilt - Bella Garden is a long term project and I am very happy to say, she is almost finished !!!

I am so excited now that she is back from the quilter that I couldn't wait to show you some photos. All I need to do is sew on the binding and label, and she is finished.

It has taken me almost 2 years to stay on track and keep going, but its worth it now.  I did change the original pattern by leaving off the birds that went along the bottom and top of the centre panel as it was going to be just too big to hang in the house.  I think she still came up terrific without them. 

Just love the centre panel with those gorgeous flowers and sweet butterflies.

Mandy did a wonderful job of filling in the background with Ricky Doodles (thats what I call them??)  and swirls all around the border... Lovely

I love feathers so I asked to have some put in and look what she came up with.  (I've just noticed  I need to  embroider a little eye on my mouse..oops).

Check out the water fill quilting that goes all around the gorgeous blue water and sky.

My favorite part is the Wisteria, very time consuming to do but it came up a treat. 

This one is going in the entry hall when its finished.  Its too nice to hide away in a cupboard so I have Mr H rearranging furniture so I can find a wall big enough to hang her.

I am on the hunt for another McKenna Ryan as I just loved doing this one.  They are soooo big I'm not sure if I have enough room in the house to display another one but who knows........

Come on girls,  lets see how you are all going with your projects, pull them out of the cupboard and just do a little bit each week, they will soon come together.  

1 comment:

Susan said...

Good encouragement.
you could maybe look for the patterns that can be made as separate blcoks and then just do a few...unless the urge gets you!!